About me

I now work from Central London as a psychotherapist and journalist.

Previously, I spent some years in various editorial roles on consumer magazines before turning freelance and training as a broadcast journalist. Contributions made over the last 25 years to newspapers, magazines and radio broadcasts can be accessed from the site along with photographs.  

Following the millennium, I spent some three years in Latin America – a region that inspired me to write a first book – Rum n' Coca – about my experiences before returning to the UK to retrain as a psychotherapist. The book is due to be completed during early 2019.

Living overseas with my family as a child nurtured a desire to see the world. After being schooled in various parts of England, Holland and the Philippines, I lived in Paris and New Orleans and travelled with work and for pleasure across much of the Far East, North and Eastern Africa, Scandinavia, and continental Europe. I plan to write further books based in some of these places.