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During the blackest of nights, I considered the scenery without seeing it (World Report RTE 2019)


After 2000 years, the sabres are still rattling between Greece and its foes from the East (World Report RTE 2018)


Wolfish howling in Transylvania heralds the government’s fall (World Report RTE 2017)


Echoes of Hungary’s Nazi past resound in the capital Budapest (World Report RTE 2016)

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Nepal’s downtrodden seek a new doctrine to upgrade their caste (World Report RTE 2013)


Bargain Hunt trailer audition (BBC Worldwide Entertainment 2011)


Todd Margaret trailer audition (Lifestyle Channel 2011)


It’s all going off in Patagonia, but there’s no-one to see it (World Report RTE 2008)

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The voices of the oppressed are drowned out in Bogota (World Report RTE 2008)


In Quito, the gloves are off, but the safety catches remain on (World Report RTE 2008)


US pensions go further in Panama, but integration’s less obvious (World Report RTE 2008)


In Melbourne, the desperate PM denies playing the race card (World Report RTE 2007)


Superstition abounds in Hong Kong. China is not amused (World Report RTE 2007)


Veils and extremism are hard to find in the ancient alleys of Fez (World Report RTE 2007)


Doctors abound in Havana, but a square meal is harder to find (World Report RTE 2006)


Timing is everything in crossing the Venezuelan border (World Report RTE 2006)


The taxi-drivers of Bogota are voting for the gringos (World Report RTE 2006)


In Bolivia, there’s still silver in the mountain that eats people (World Report RTE 2006)


Guerrillas come in from the cold in Colombia (World Report RTE 2006)


The last of the big cartels falls in Cali (World Report RTE 2005)


In Quito, an Irishwoman protests innocence over drug conviction (World Report RTE 2005)


Buenos Aires resounds to the noise of misused kitchen utensils (World Report RTE 2005)


The fishermen are revolting in the Galapagos Islands (World Report RTE 2005)


A guinea-pig beauty contest in Riobamba has an ulterior motive (World Report RTE 2004)


All is quiet in the paradise of Zanzibar in the wake of terrorism (World Report RTE 2003)


For now, the monkeys are still going nowhere in Gibraltar (World Report RTE 2002)


20 Years of Inter-railing (Commissioned by From Our Own Correspondent BBC R4 2002)


Economic clichés crash and soar in crisis-hit Istanbul (World Report RTE 2001)


African justice heals the deep scars of genocide in Arusha (World Report RTE 2001)


In Peru, following the trail of the Inca to Machu Picchu (Angel FM City University 2000)


Making a Hash of the Drugs War (Final Project City University 2000)


Thought for the Day (Course work City University 2000)


News Bulletins (RTE & City University 2000)


Voiceover Adverts (Demo tape 2000)